Our crew at residential locations.

Residential Window Washing

Southern California Window Cleaning

Acclaim's team of window washers and specialty cleaners are all nice, clean-cut, well-trained, English-speaking individuals. We have many programs to do each job correctly! We encourage customer feedback with a survey that we ask our customers to fill out after our service is complete. Please be assured that our service charges are never hidden from you and then added to the bill at the end. We do not add services and their fees without our client's approval. Our clients know the final price for the services discussed prior to performance of the services.

If you have any questions regarding our rates you can call or email us for a quick answer. We give over-the-phone quotes to residential callers. Then, on-site, we review the project and give a signed estimate sheet for your records before we begin the service. Unlike rogue companies, we always supply you with the exact price of our service prior to the execution of the service; we do not add on fees along the way.

"I'm extremely happy with the customer service. They are knowledgeable, experienced, polite, and upfront with what the service provides and charges. I will be using this company again in the future!"

- K. Wilsa, Laguna Beach

(we have testimonial and references!)

We are glad that you have shown interest in our residential window cleaning services. We appreciate the opportunity to get to know you and fulfill your residential cleaning service needs. We are a local company that specializes, not only in our cleaning services, but also in customer service. We arrive on time and clean our client's home in a neat and detailed manner. The same individual(s) that our clients get to know and enjoy on the first service visit, can usually come out every time we are commissioned to meet your window cleaning or other cleaning needs.

Residential window cleaning routes can be serviced every 3, 4, 6, or 12 months. We even do month and bi-weekly services. There are usually no written contracts. You decide how often you'd like us to clean your windows.

* We define basic window cleaning as a general cleaning of the glass, sill, and framework of the window. 98% of our customers have no desire for more than a general cleaning because of how deep a clean we supply with just our basic cleaning. Rarely do window conditions require more than a general cleaning. With our general cleaning we do light paint removal, we remove sap, bird & insect debris, spiderwebs, light stickers removal, and we always take care of the whole window, not just the glass.

Extensive paint removal, sticker removal, or any other extensive removal may be considered additional and will be priced as such. These additional services are not included in our basic services due to the significant lengthening of the workload. Besides time and energy, use of additional chemicals and tools for extensive cleaning and removal purposes are also significant factors.

The accompanying charges for these additional services are applied only if you desire these additional services. The amount of these charges vary with each situation. We strive to be aware of such circumstance before we offer a quote for our basic service. Although rare, if we do start the job and then become aware of the presence of these unusual conditions, we will make you aware of them immediately so as to give you the opportunity to decide whether you would like them to be taken care of or not. We will not charge you more than the "basic services" quote without your permission. While other companies like to tack on charges as they go along, are you not glad that we at Acclaim give you a breakdown of our services and charges beforehand!

(Please note: A Blade-on-Glass Waiver signature is required prior to any blade use)