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Thank you for visiting our website. Yes, we do window cleaning and chandelier cleaning! We also do other services. Yes, we are license and insured and can prove it. Yes, we do have references. We would love for you to peruse this web page and the entire site for videos, photos, and information that would be relevant to your search. We want to make it easy for you to see who we are. We service all of Newport Coast, California. We do both residential and commercial. We are not maids or janitors that do a general cleaning of different surfaces, we are experts in only a few services. If you feel that your project may be too big for a small business like ours, we will show you pictures of bigger projects that we've completed. If you think your project is too small, we assure you that we have done smaller. Call us for a cleaning quote, it's free! When it comes to windows and chandeliers, we've done it all. We've invested a lot of time and energy over the years into making it easy for potential customers to know who we are, what our prices are, and how we can go about cleaning their property. You can call, email, and even text us for a quote.

A Glimpse into our Window Cleaning Service:

Below is a story for Newport history buffs! Take a moment to read it, it's actually pretty cool.

Newport Beach-The Making of a Masterpiece

In 1870, Captain Samuel S. Dunnells sailed his 105 ton river steamer, Vaquero, through the upper part of what is now know as Newport Bay. This successful steering through of the bay changed minds about the practical commercial usability of the bay. The then principle landowners of the area, the McFadden brothers and James Irvine, were very excited about this happening, which dissuaded beliefs that the bay was too treacherous for any type of travel.

Calling the bay a "new port" because of its new-found usability, they left an impression on the culture of the area that's as present as the name of the city. And in 1888 the McFadden's decided to use this port for their shipping business.


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