Construction Cleaning in L.A.

Post-Construction Cleaning: Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Residential & Commercial Post Construction Cleaning


Post-Construction cleaning, the last faze of the pre-move in process, can truly be a difficult task. The crew that you hire should be one that understands how to clean brand new surfaces. They should know how to clean tempered windows that have stickers, cement, paint, stucco, or any other construction debris on them. This type of window cleaning can go very wrong if a crew does not know about fabrication debris (invisible bumps on the glass surface) that can pop off with a razor and scratch new glass. This is not rare. Fabrication debris mishaps happen often and make new windows look terrible.

Methods of floor cleaning can cause scratched floors, the wrong chemicals on stone can discolor it, stainless steel can easily scratch with the wrong cleaning utensils, the list goes on and on.

Do not trust just any cleaning company with your brand new home, office, or store. Have us come in and clean the right way. We have references for locations like yours and we are licensed and insured.

Cleaning after construction:

Post Construction Cleaning (CCU)

Construction clean-up is another cleaning service we provide. We clean new windows as well as the rest of the interior and exterior of homes. It is very important that professional window cleaners remove construction debris on new windows. This cannot be stressed enough. Without experience and the right techniques, tools, and chemicals, a construction worker or maid can easily do permanent damage to brand-new windows, even before the home or business is occupied! Certain debris cannot be removed with a blade. One must have an appropriate knowledge of glass in order to clean it well. This is true whether the project is new-building window cleaning or not. Hence, if you want to make sure your windows and other interior surfaces are the most preserved after the clean-up, use only window and post construction clean-up experts!

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