Chandelier Cleaning in Bel Air, Los Angeles

Chandelier Cleaning in Los Angeles, CA

Chandelier Cleaning

Los Angeles Chandelier Cleaning, Commercial and Residential.

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Why use our chandelier cleaning services? Because:

There are no chandeliers in Los Angeles that we cannot clean. Check out our 50 photos on this page!

We have local experience. We've done our expert chandelier cleaning in Bel Air homes, Westwood estates, Brentwood mansions... We've cleaned chandeliers in Sunset hair salons, Mulholand Villas, Wilshire hotels and condos, we even service many high profile clientele. We respect the beauty of each location's piece and take care to make sure the fixture is sparkling and undamaged when we are finished with it. We even clean construction debris or fire ash off of chandeliers. Acclaim has serviced t.v. and film sets, government agencies, colleges, and much more.

Give us a call now for a quick quote. Since there are so many different types and sizes, we will need some specifics about your chandelier(s). Let us know the type (pick from the photos below. If it is not there, then just describe it to us), the estimated size (does not have to be exact), how long it has been since the last cleaning, how high it is from the floor, and if there are any unmovable obstacles covering the floor below it. Some of our current clients have even emailed us a picture or 2 of the chandelier(s) that they want cleaned so that we could get a better idea of the workload involved. You do not have to email us unless you desire to. We do offer free on-site chandelier estimates as well. Give us a call! We service hotels, condos, home kitchens, entryways, office buildings, apartments, etc.

Let us know which of the following is similar to yours:


Watch an example of our chandelier cleaning service:

We have has so many different chandelier inventions since 1769, the first year of the Spanish occupation of California. Gasper de Portola would be amazed at what we have seen in Los Angeles. Juan Crespi, a member of his group, saw the LA area as having all the necessary marks for large settlement. We can see that it definitely has become such a place. And with a large amount of people, a city of lights it has become- inside and out of homes and work places.

In 1850, only a few months apart, the establishment of the County of Los Angeles and the establishment of the City of Los Angeles occurred. We haven't been cleaning in the area that long, but we do have experience that has helped us perform some rather large and complicated projects.