Frequently Asked Specialty Cleaning Questions


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Q: How do I know when a vendor is not the right one for me?

    If, for instance, a window washer is not mathematical with his pricing method there may exist a problem. If they have no real set pricing, no template for bidding, this can prove detrimental to the homeowner or business owner because top-of-head window or specialty cleaning bidding allows room for price discrimination. Many cleaning companies will hike up the prices if they see that the homeowner is quite well-off financially or if for some other reason they feel that the homeowner is willing and able to pay top dollar. When receiving an estimate, be sure to ask the pricing method that the cleaning company employs. If he gives you the run-around or if he doesn't have legitimate reasons for his fees, then it may be best to show him to the door.

  Be weary if the cleaning estimate is extremely low. In the cleaning industry, the cheapest workers are usually exactly that. Many surface washing companies will bid low so as to beat out competing companies' bids, but to compensate for the dollars lossed, they sloppily rush through the job. Many such workers have little time to establish a professional relationship built on trust and expected performance. Another reason such cleaning "pros" are able to bid so low may be because of neglecting to pay out for necessary business expenses such as necessary equipment, taxes, etc! Even their own employees wages may be too low. Hence, less expenses, less prices.

Q: How much affect does rain have on clean windows?

A: Not as much as one might assume. Since all the dirt that was once on a window before a good clean is no longer present, ensuing rain drops have little to cling to. Thus rain has little affect on a clean window. Besides, we're certain you would agree that the reason you want your windows serviced in the first place is because of the presence of dirt, pollutants, insect or bird stains, etc. on the window- not because rain water hit your window.

Q: How do professional cleaning companies get their prices?

A: Many window cleaning companies or pressure washing companies, etc, will bid by how long they feel the job will take. Thus, the more experienced ones may actually charge less! Many window washing companies charge by size and/or number of window units, single pane units, or simply the square footage of the house. Still others combine several different pricing methods. Remember that window cleaning costs are not set by employees. They are set by skilled business owners whose businesses incur many expenses. Such expenses include: liability insurance, workers compensation, equipment purchases and maintenance, payroll, self-employment taxes, travel and vehicular expenses (gas gas and more gas!), advertising, leased office or home office expenses, pre-established route purchases, start-up financing debts, and more. Furthermore, window cleaning can be one of the most dangerous occupations in the country- a reality that is reflected in the price.

Q: What are "French" paned windows?

A: Colonial style windows consisting of small square sections of glass divided by bars. Such bars placed on a window are known as 'grilles'. The four types of "French" paned windows are as follows: truly divided lite (TDL) windows, simulated divided lite (SDL) windows, windows with airspace grilles, and windows with perimeter grilles. The following section lists their differences:

    TDL: A window with truly separated panes of glass. These panes are held together by sash bars.

    SDL: A window with one pane of glass that is superficially separated, or covered, by a permanent grille both sides.

    Airspace: Windows with the grille sealed in between two panes of glass (in the airspace).This type of "French" paned window is the easiest to clean because there is no grille on the outside surfaces of the panes.

    Perimeter: A window with a snap-on grille.