Window cleaning job in Costa Mesa, California

Window Cleaning in Costa Mesa, CA



    1) Are you hiring insured window cleaners?

    Would you want someone on your property that has no insurance? Maybe you haven't thought about it. If a rouge window cleaner breaks a skylight or drops their ladder on your car, what can happen?...You might have to foot the bill. The price is just too much for them to fess up, perhaps, so they drive away down Bristol toward the horizon or they just stay on site and hide their accident from your eyes. Do not let that happen to you!

    2) Can they even clean your windows?

    We do window cleaning and other specialty services for major projects (such as office buildings & hotels) as well as for minor projects (such as three-window condos). Unlike many CM window cleaning companies (or specialty cleaning companies in general), we employ new and appropriate tools to clean any window or surface and we have as many team members as needed to complete the project.

    3) Do they have hidden fees, or bait and switch tactics?

    We are very honest with our customers. We offer no run-arounds. Many window cleaning companies will add fees after they've already started their window cleaning service. We lay it all out before the job even begins. Click here to see our residential window cleaning service details (call 800-208-6320 to get rates). Just as Costa Mesa is guaranteed to be a beautiful city, your windows should be able to show you a clear view of the sky and maybe even a beautiful skyline!

    4) Are they really professional?

    Here at Acclaim, we understand that organization and honesty are qualities that all home or office owners and managers are hoping to see in their outsourced service workers. That is why we have implemented work practices that even we would want to see in any type of service company that we would personally hire. We show up on time, do what we say we will do, wear uniforms. We want long-term business relationships and we are motivated to do what it takes to ensure that you want us back. No fly-by-night window cleaning company here.

    5) Do they have any guarantees?

    If you are not satisfied while we are working at your home or business, you are not obligated to sign and pay anything for that work. Seriously. This goes for all 39,946 households in the city. You can even print this guarantee out if you would like. This is binding.

    Window Cleaning in the Beautiful City of Costa Mesa, CA!

    If you live in Costa Mesa and want to be able to see the unadulterated beauty of the outdoors through your home or business windows, we are the company for you. We know how to deal with the effects of the weather on your delicate glass. Make sure that you have the right professionals maintaining your windows. We wish we could say that we've been cleaning windows in Costa Mesa since its incorporation in 1953 but, we haven't. We have been cleaning here since 2005, though! And we want to create relationships that last for years to come.

    Costa Mesa's economy is very much retail and we have done retail stores in places like South Coast Plaza, the single largest center of commercial activity in the city. South Coast Metro is an area that we have frequented. We clean for grand openings, regular maintenance, etc. Our family loves the Orange County Performing Arts Center.

    We love window cleaning in Costa Mesa! The architecture is breathtaking and the landscape is gorgeous. Our window cleaners love working on Fairview, on MacArthur Blvd, and many other streets of the city!