Window Cleaning at Anaheim

Window Cleaning in Anaheim, California


Serving Both Residential & Commercial Locations, Big or Small.

5 Must-Knows Before Hiring Anyone:

    1) They have insurance, don't they?

    Nothing is worse than being held responsible for a window washing company having an accident on your property, but that can happen if an uninsured window washer hurts him or herself. Do not risk it! Hiring just anyone professing to window clean is not a risk you should take.

    2) Do they have true ability to do the job?

    We do window cleaning and other specialty services for major projects (such as office buildings & hotels) as well as for minor projects (such as three-window condos). Unlike many local window cleaning companies (or specialty cleaning companies in general), we employ new and appropriate tools to clean any window or surface and we have as many team members as needed to complete the project.

    3) Do they hide their fees?

    We are very honest with our customers. We offer no run-arounds. Many window cleaning companies will add fees after they've already started their window cleaning service. We lay it all out before the job even begins. Click here to see our residential window cleaning service details (call 800-208-6320 to get rates).

    4) Are they truly professional?

    Here at Acclaim, we understand that organization and honesty are qualities that all home or office owners and managers are hoping to see in their outsourced service workers. That is why we have implemented work practices that even we would want to see in any type of service company that we would personally hire. We show up on time, do what we say we will do, wear uniforms. We want long-term business relationships and we are motivated to do what it takes to ensure that you want us back. No fly-by-night window cleaning company here.

    5) No guarantee?

    If you are not satisfied while we are working at your home or business, you are not obligated to sign and pay anything for that work. Seriously. You can even print this guarantee out if you would like. This is binding.