Specialty cleaning company crew members.

Acclaim's Specialty Cleaners-Who are We?

Our Story:

Established in 2007, Acclaim Specialty Cleaning continues its culture of hard work in specialized cleaning. We work closely with our clients to understand not just their vocalized personal goals, but even their unstated needs. We pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated. It is our goal to offer our services with superb standards for both our rural and urban communities. We are a dynamic group of individuals who share a personal interest in the company's reputation.

Size & Location Types We Service:

ALMOST ANY LOCATION TYPE UP TO TWO STORIES: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Governmental, etc.

8 Separating Marks:

1. We actually specialize in what we do! We are not a janitorial company masquerading as a specialty cleaning firm. Thus, we know what we are doing.

2. We practice working habits that keep you and us safe. Safety is most important!

3. We keep up with the latest window cleaning techniques and tools to make sure that our customers experience our best every visit. This has real practical value for our customers. We have all the necessary tools to accomplish the service that our customers have entrusted us to do.

4. We are truly customer-service orientated. We understand even the nuances of business etiquette. We have a professional appearance and service. Here at Acclaim, we believe that the only way to handle a service visit is professionally, no matter the brevity of our presence. When you are not looking, we are still treating your time & property with respect. We show up on time and meet customer-set deadlines. Many cleaning and construction companies are notorious for their eleventh hour arrivals- you don't have to settle for such behavior.

5. We have working templates of high-quality services. Our cleaning detail standards are consistent and reliable.

6. We use shoe covers so as not to soil any carpeting or other flooring. We are conscious of the need, not only to perform our cleaning of specific services well, but also to preserve the condition of the rest of our client's property.

7. When window cleaning, we wash more than just the glass. The perimeter (frame and sill) is shown attention as well. Many companies skip this step, preferring speed over quality (we offer a fantastic balance, not compromising quality nor speed). We even offer tracks and screen cleaning for those who want the entire window unit clean!

8. Last, but not least, we are friendly people, easy to get along with. We even smile- go figure!

Mission Statement

To develop unique cleaning service solutions, enabling homes and businesses, small and large, to receive the best of industry standards. We are committed to delivering fast services while simultaneously employing superbly ethical practices. Whether located in Orange County or Los Angeles County, San Diego County or the Inland Empire, we will ensure that our clients receive the prioritization of their best interests.